The National Museum – Delhi, India

Visiting the National Museum in Delhi, I was simply surprised. The art and history collections that they had on display were a stunning introduction to the whole of India and beyond. The National Museum helps you to better understand the last 5,000 years of history in an hour or so. Parts of the museum were also under construction, but it did not very much impact my visit. The goal of the National Museum is to act as an embodiment of India’s national identity. Sometimes this means reaching beyond the Indian borders and sometimes this means exploring the past civilizations that lived in India.

Regardless, as a visitor who appreciates both art and history, I was happy to explore what they had on display.

Who should go to the National Museum in Delhi?
People who enjoy learning about history, people who enjoy unique art, and people who want a quiet air controlled building to walk around in.

Who should NOT go to the National Museum in Delhi?
People who are easily bored, children, and people who don’t like art.

How long do you need for a visit to the National Museum in Delhi?
1-2 hours

Visiting the National Museum in Delhi

Before walking into the museum I was curious to see what they would have on display. Seeing how this museum is supposed to represent Indian culture and I felt that I had been through a lot of India on my trip as well as nearby Asian countries on other trips, I was left curious.

Inside the museum, there were several floors to walk in a tight circular pattern. Off of this circle were various rooms filled with art and history to explore. It was immediately clear that they were working on the building and organizing the art. Perhaps the great thing about the construction was that the National Museum was relatively empty! Allowing us to explore this air-conditioned palace in near privacy.

The Collections at the National Museum in Delhi

The collections were vast, covered a lot of the country, and delved into the history behind India through both art and explicit exhibits to help us understand India as a whole. Please take a look at the pictures at the end of this article to see what I felt were highlights of the collection that was open to viewing.

The Courtyard at the National Museum in Delhi

Inner Courtyard - National Museum of Delhi India

During the entire visit, we were circling an inner courtyard, which was also open to visitors and contained art and a small garden. I found it to be a nice place to take a moment to discuss the exhibits that I just saw with my wife in the relative solitude of the inner courtyard of the National Museum.

What we loved in the National Museum

My wife pointed out that she particularly enjoyed the exhibit on the Ajanta Caves. The Ajanta Caves were a place that I visited before meeting up with her, so I was pretty excited about that too. The museum had a 360-degree experience that we could walk through to get a feel for what it was like to be at the Ajanta Caves. Having been there, I simply appreciated having a way to share that moment with my wife and have an active, more detailed discussion on what was so special about the place.

My Favorite Pieces at the National Museum of Delhi