India Adventure Itinerary – 1 week

To plan out my 1-week India adventure itinerary, I used a familiar technique called RIBOME where I took time to research and investigate those adventurous places to go and settled on what was possible for my trip. I found 3 remote places in India that I was both realistic to get to and I was interested in going to, then selected the 2 remote places that fit into my schedule and built out an itinerary of what was worth doing in each location.

Now it’s time to hash out the details and organize a full itinerary of the week. I was looking to hire lots of locals to assist with getting me from point A to B, and since it was my first time in India and I was traveling solo everyone recommended having a tour guide so I arranged that as well.

I note that this itinerary requires a lot of travel and is difficult, this is the point of adventure. To go places that are inconvenient, hard to get to, and sometimes demanding on a person’s body.

1-Week Adventure in India – Itinerary

Day 1: India Adventure Itinerary

My flight arrives in Delhi India at 21:50 / 9:50 pm. Transfer to the local airport hotel “Red Fox” to sleep and start to get over jet lag.

Day 2: India Adventure Itinerary

This is a “free day”, which I feel is needed due to the possibility of flight issues. A full 24 hours in Delhi India also helps to recover from some jet lag and post-flight annoyance. Even better, I can explore Delhi a bit before flying out.

During my free day, I went to a high tea lunch at The Atrium and otherwise explored locally, got snacks, and relaxed.

Day 3: India Adventure Itinerary

Depart Delhi India via a 5:15 am flight to Aurangabad. This requires being at the airport at 2:30 a.m., so I essentially rely on a mix of jet lag and excitement to get me out the door and at the airport in time.

Arrive in Aurangabad airport at 7:10 am and immediately drive 3 hours (102 km / 64 miles) to Ajanta Caves

Full-day Ajanta Caves: – The rock-hewn caves of Ajanta consist mainly of two parts, the chaityas, or chapels, and the viharas, or monasteries. There are 29 caves in all and the largest cave is as big as a modern auditorium. Most of the chapels and monasteries are so constructed that sunlight pours into them at all times of the day. On the inside walls are frescoed paintings. This cave picture gallery is unique in the history of art.

Drive 3 hours back to the airport city of Aurangabad, where tomorrow’s adventure is located, and book into a local hotel.

Yes, this is a long day of travel. I could spread it out more, but it’s my adventure.

Day 4: India Adventure Itinerary

At 9 a.m., drive 30 km / 19 miles to the fabulous Ellora Caves.

Full Day Ellora Caves: 30 km from Aurangabad, Ellora caves consist of temples and monasteries hewn from rock by Buddhists, Hindu & Jain monks, and craftsmen. They tell the story of the evolution of these three religions. Over 2000 years old, they have been compared to the pyramids for their amazing construction, sculptures, and frescoes. The most marvelous of all is the stupendous rock temple of Kailash.

Optional late pm visit to Daulatabad Fort.

I declined the visit to Daulatabad fort as it required walking up 1,500 steps and in 2 days I was going to go on a crazy hike where I felt my energy and muscles should be at tip top shape.

Day 5: India Adventure Itinerary

Go to Aurangabad airport for a flight to Delhi India, then take a connecting flight to Guwahati.

Early drive to the Aurangabad airport for a 7:40 am flight to Delhi India airport where I arrive at 9:35 am to get my connecting flight at 12:20 am to Guwahati airport where I arrive at 14:55 / 2:55 pm.

I am met at the airport in Guwahati India by a guide and driver. The guide will not be coming with me, and the driver will not speak English but I will embark on a 5-6 hour drive to Shilling India in Meghalaya where I will book into a hotel, Polo Tower Hotel in Shillong for an overnight.

Day 6: India Adventure Itinerary

Full-day drive and adventure to Cherrapunji (60 km / 40 miles).

On the way visit a set of special places in India – Elephant Falls and Mawphlang sacred forest, the garden of caves, Arwah cave, and Nohkalikai Falls. 

Check-in at the Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, which is the place to stay before tomorrow’s big a** hiking Cherrapunjee.

Day 7: India Adventure Itinerary

Full-day hike to the remote, amazing double-decker root tree bridge and rainbow falls and return hike to hotel.

Day excursion to Double Decker Root Bridge, Single Root Bridge, and Rainbow Falls. We leave early with a packed breakfast and after a short drive it’s a 3,00 step walk down to the official start of the hike for the Double Root Bridge, then Single Root Bridge and Rainbow Falls.

Very nice and scenic day. later walk up for 4 hours after visiting all. Evening return to the hotel, with legs like jello, for overnight.

Day 8: India Adventure Itinerary

Early AM wake up and drive to Guwahati Airport for a return flight to Delhi India.

My Takeaways from this itinerary

After having completed this portion of the trip, I can say with experience that the 5 flights that I took and the many many hours of car drives all packed into a short amount of time was pushing it while I was jet-lagged. I knew my options up front. I knew it would be hard but fun. I loved every minute of it. On the drives I was quite content to rest and enjoy the scenery, even taking a short nap to fight jet lag.

By the end, I was tired and excited to meet up with my wife in Delhi, India!