New York City

New York City is my home but it is also a huge tourist destination. I often go to places and do things that interest NYC tourists, so in those special occasions I list interesting places to go and things to do.

The Rubin Museum in NYC

Going to the Rubin Museum I felt like I was walking back into my trip to Tibet. I was surrounded by the symbols, statues, art, and feelings of that mountainous, spiritual, unique region and that’s the point. The museum showcases artifacts from the entire Himalayas region and they have areas in the museum set up …

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Peak Foliage in Central Park

Our goal is to find out what the best days are for autumn foliage in the various areas of central to southern Central Park through bi-daily walkthroughs (studies) of key areas of the park. This study is for 2022, below 100th street and we will derive patterns for future autumns. This post is continually being …

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