Day 14: Port Moresby to Hong Kong

Woke up at 5:30am I hung out and repacked my carry-on to only what I will need for hung Kong and home.
At 7, I knew that the pool opened and I wanted to be there. So I put my bathing suit on and headed out. But I stopped in that little lobby area by the elevator. They had snacks out! Mmm then someone came out and offered me a capuchino. So I sat had a little snack and a coffee and looked it the window. Then I headed up to the pool.
I got into the pool around 7:30 and just relaxed and swam a bit. I was the only one in there so I enjoyed the quiet. Around 8:40 I got out and headed back to my room and stopped for some more free snacks and champagne – which I brought to my room.
In my room I snacked a bit but was excited to jump in the shower and feel doubly clean again. Then i just wandered around the room snacking on the chocolate croissant and the champagne while I very slowly did a clean sweep of the room for my stuff.
Then I was happy because I connected with Stacey by voice! Then Duo! And I saw Roxie! Home is calling for me ?.
Then at 10:50 I checked out, boo. My flight is at 3pm so Im hanging out in the hotel till 12:50, with permission.
My card no longer works to enter each floor, so I just waited outside the door of the floor I wanted to enter and someone came out and I went in.
It\’s a quiet loungey place. Nobody is here so I figured I could enjoy it.
I arranged to have my breakfast voucher be accepted for a small sandwich lunch instead so at 12 I\’ll head up to get it. Starting to get a little travel anxiety but I know that I\’m literally at the airport and have little to worry about.
For lunch I had a lot of stuff and more delicious desserts – all for my breakfast voucher, sweet.
Headed downstairs at 12:40 to make sure that everything goes smoothly.
I didn\’t see any bugs at this hotel!!! Wooooo!
The front desk has a dinner bill that I pay with cash, then I head to the shuttle which will have only me on it. At the airport check in I\’m told that I need to pack my wooden crocodile, uh oh. I pack it and hope for the best. Then trade kina for dollars ($20) for 80 kina -LAME, and get through security then buy myself a cappuccino with the leftover cash and chill till boarding.
On the plane there is an open seat next to me, with a woman at the window seat. I watched once upon a Deadpool again because it was one of the five movies available.
On the ground, customs was a snap and I headed to the Marriott booth where I was told to sit down for 15 minutes and wait for the shuttle.
The woman that sat next to me on the plane was right there next to me again. She was German but understood some English. She said that she never waited for this shuttle before.
The shuttle came and I arranged it so that I would be the first person off and that I could grab my bag under the shuttle quickly.
I checked in, grabbed some light dinner and my stomach hurt. So I figured that either I would puke all night and get over it by morning or her lucky and sleep through the night. I opted to go to sleep.