Takeaways from Lake Murray – Papua New Guinea

This had the reputation of being the most remote place that you can get to efficiently (by plane). It\’s only been accessible in this way for about 2-3 years.

1. Nothing is sold for tourists! There are no stores, no market stalls, no nothing being sold for tourists. The markets sell food, that\’s it. The tribes sell nothing to tourists. And it feels right

2. Tourists or maybe white people are an oddity. You can choose to be uncomfortable or you can work to open the tribe people up and make new friends

3. Birds of paradise are amazing to see. I\’m not a birder, but I have to admit seeing one of those was pretty cool.

4. Most people wear old clothes. This is opposed to no clothes! Or minimal clothes!

5. There are plenty of dugout canoes, in fact a few of them have a motor on them here to get through the big lake.

6. Lake Murray is LARGE.

7. I know the lake is full of fish, because I see fish jumping out of the water every now and then. Also we\’ve seen villagers successfully catch fish very quickly.

8. I see no pollution in the lake. No litter.

9. This is a bit like going back in time and I appreciate everything these people stand for and how their culture evolved