How to get kicked off a flight, ruining it for the rest of us

how to ruin a flight

Every other day it feels like there is a new story about an airline passenger behaving badly and causing major problems on a plane. This article sheds some light on the patterns causing these passengers to be subdued or having the entire plane diverted in order to get them kicked off of the plane.

The real problem here is that it affects all passengers and crew on board. Any major passenger behaving badly issue causes additional stress to your journey. In fact, it can cause your flight to be diverted to a different city before you are allowed to take off again and continue to your desired destination. With that, here are some recent examples of…. miserable people who were rightfully kicked off of the flight.

A quick word before we begin. Most of these people are just going on a trip expecting a happy journey and dealing with their travel anxiety. Sometimes things get out of hand and rarely do they truly have malicious intent. If you are ever on a flight and feel that stress and anger…. Please take a moment and ignore everything around you, put your headphones on, and just don’t continue causing issues, you could wind up on a don’t fly list. In a few hours you’ll be off that plane at your destination.

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Ducked taped to their seat

Maxwell Berry was on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami. During the flight, he spilled a drink and went to the bathroom to clean up, when he emerged from the bathroom he no longer had his shirt on. He felt that the flight would be a good opportunity to grope two female flight attendants. He was wrong. A male flight attendant attempted to intervene and talk some sense into the man but he was punched by Maxwell. This resulted in the man being duck taped to his seat to prevent him from continuing to be a jerk. Maxwell was certainly an airline passenger behaving badly.

Added to the no-fly list

This couple boarded a plane without boarding passes, claiming that they were just attempting to avoid the baggage fees causing a major ruckus before the plane even took off. After some time with the couple refusing to leave the plane, the flight attendants had everyone else deboard the plane and had the police come. The police escorted the couple off of the plane, arrested them and had they added to the no-fly list. Those two airline passengers behaving badly caused added pain to everyone on the flight.

Forced emergency landing

This person thought that they were smart for getting two boxcutters through the security checkpoint. So much so that mid-flight they started showing one of them to other passengers, telling them that they were thinking about cutting people. The other passengers made their way to the front of the plane and alerted the flight attendants who immediately diverted the plane to a different airport where the man was arrested. The entire plane was forced to stay overnight in the new location before the flight would continue to their original destination. This airline passenger behaving badly probably caused some people to miss family events, travel experiences and more.


On a flight, a woman didn’t want to prepare for landing – specifically not wanting to put her tray down and not wanting to put her seat belt on. Moreover this was during Covid protocols and the woman refused to wear a mask for the entire flight. After being asked repeatedly by the flight attendant to prepare for landing they punched them! The flight attendant suffered three chipped teeth and required stiches under her eye. The passenger was arrested after landing and sent to federal jail for 15 months and had to pay a fine of over $33,000. If this person just followed a few simple requests instead of being a airline passenger behaving badly, they could have saved themselves a lot of added pain.

Conclusion – airline passengers behaving badly

Simply put, don’t mess around on a flight. Follow the rules and you will be at your proper destination in no time. Break the rules and attempt to stand up for any reason why breaking those rules wouldn’t apply to you and prepare to face the consequences. If you get stressed or pissed off, just breathe and focus on your destination and please…. please…. don’t cause the plane to be diverted.